• Director: Anthony Fabian

    Cast: Lesley Manville Isabelle Huppert

    Country, date: UK, France, Hungary, 2022

    Duration: 115 mins

    Language: English, French

    Subtitles: Italiano

  • Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

    Sala Olimpia Liberty di Bordighera
    Marzo 30, 2023 6:00 pm

    This film is a historical comedy drama based on a book by Paul Gallico and the action takes place in London and Paris, 1957. Mrs Harris, a widowed cleaning lady, sees haute couture dresses in the house of one of her clients and longs to own such a dress herself. She manages to save enough money by various means to travel to Paris to buy one. There she befriends some of the people working at Dior and they make a dress for her. The film has been nominated for several ‘Best Costumes’ awards and Lesley Manville was nominated for the Best Actress (Comedy or Musical) award at the Golden Globes, 2023.

    With a 93% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes “Led by a luminous Lesley Manville, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is a good old-fashioned story charmingly told.” (Rotten Tomatoes). “There’s a Paddington-y loveliness to Anthony Fabian’s adaptation of Paul Gallico’s 1958 novel. It takes place in a world where everything is simplistic, good guys always win and sadness can be quickly banished with a chirpy one-liner and a nice cup of tea.” (Empire)

    Roger Ebert review: https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/mrs-harris-goes-to-paris-movie-review-2022


    Pubblicato il 24 Marzo 2023

    di Ivano Ricci