• Director: Roland Joffe

    Cast: Jeremy Irons, Robert de Niro

    Country, date: UK, 1986

    Duration: 125 minutes

    Language: English


  • The Mission


    In the 18th century “Jesuit priest Father Gabriel enters the Guarani lands in South America with the purpose of converting the natives to Christianity. He soon builds a mission, where he is joined by Rodrigo Mendoza, a reformed slave trader seeking redemption. When a treaty transfers the land from Spain to Portugal, the Portuguese government wants to capture the natives for slave labour. Mendoza and Gabriel resolve to defend the mission, but disagree on how to accomplish the task.”

    Why we like it

    Our tribute to Ennio Morricone, an incredibly moving soundtrack to a story that is beautifully filmed.


    To Ennio Morricone, Oscar nomination and BAFTA and Golden Globe wins for  best musical score. Palme d’Or and Oscar for Best Cinematography. Oscar nominations for Best Picture and Best Director.

    Pubblicato il 6 Luglio 2020

    di Ivano Ricci